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Manhatten Rooftop Honey Flight



Like wine or coffee, honey can have distinct flavor characteristics and complexities. Discover the Manhatten Rooftop honey flight, produced in rooftop hives in New York City! These apiaries are local and family-run businesses that produce raw, bee-saving, unprocessed honeys.

Included are four hand-corked 1 oz. vials, one of each type:

  • Hell's Kitchen Rooftop Honey: It doesn't get more raw or real than Hell's Kitchen, home to cops, crooks, cooks and cabaret
  • Central Park West Rooftop Honey: For intellectuals, artists, authors, and their kids
  • The High Line Rooftop Honey: Where fashionistas and fabulistas mix with touristas
  • Harlem Rooftop Honey: Where the soul of Manhattan meets its soundtrack
  • vials are sealed in beeswax & packaged with a beautiful American Oak block
  • comes in a ribbon-enclosed gift box
  • a description of the honey flavors and origins is included
  • produced by 4th generation beekeeper and founder of the New York City Beekeepers Association, Andrew Cote

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